At Atlantic Beach council meeting, two "surprise" councilwomen take seats

The town of Atlantic Beach had it's first public council meeting in nearly four months on Monday night, and the big surprise to many was to see Carolyn Cole and Windy Price sitting on council, when the town originally said the two hadn't won the November 2013 election.

Back in November, Lenearl Evans and Ken McLaurin were declared the winners of two open council seats formerly held by Carolyn Cole and Windy Price.

Shortly after, both Cole and Price filed a lawsuit to overturn the election, saying the entire thing was illegal because Patricia Bellamy's election commission was never formally dismissed, according to Bellamy, Cole and Price.

To many people's surprise, Cole and Price were sitting on council at Monday night's meeting. Cole told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that she and Price went to a notary and were sworn into their positions Monday afternoon.

"Based on the information we received from what we believe to be the legitimate election commission and from our attorneys, our election was not contested. The November 5, 2013 election was never protested. It is the legitimate and legal election day for the town of Atlantic Beach. So we moved forward. This is something they have every right within the law to challenge and we're doing the same thing," Carolyn Cole said.

Mayor Jake Evans, as well as the rest of council, acknowledged Cole and Price on council throughout the meeting.

Evans, the town attorney and town manager all chose not to comment on whether they're going to challenge Cole and Price's lawsuit regarding the November 2013 election or about what's going on with Lenearl Evans and Ken McLaurin.