Arthur could cause erosion on some Grand Strand beaches

Every storm affects South Carolina beaches in some way, shape or form.

When a storm comes through, the extra wind and pressure can force strong waves onto the sand, and that causes erosion.

Tropical Storm Arthur could have an impact on areas like Garden City and Cherry Grove; places that are already at risk for flooding and eroding.

"You get to a place where there's a barrier split, like Garden City or Cherry Grove, and they're low lying landforms, and particularly around the inlets." said Paul Gayes, the Director of the School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science at Coastal Carolina University.

The conditions can cause flooding too. That's something Greg Loflin, who has a summer home in Garden City, said he has seen often.

"If it rains, it will fill all that up, (pointing toward the marsh). It will start out there at the marsh, and it will come this way," said Loflin.

Loflin said in order to protect his home, he built a dune years ago.

"You really want to put a dune between the house and the ocean to keep the ocean from coming in so bad," Loflin said.

Gayes says once Tropical Storm Arthur passes, the next step is to renourish beaches along the Grand Strand.

Renourishment is when sand is taken from deep in the ocean and spread across the beach.

"The beach is quite healthy here, and it's in fairly good shape. It certainly can withstand the day to day storms. It's the really big events where you really need that protection," said Gayes.

Gayes mentioned sometimes storms can be beneficial as they move sand onto the shore, but because Arthur will pass us so far off the coast, it won't bring new sand to the beach.