Are those blue lights in your rearview mirror the real deal?

How can you be sure if it's really a police officer behind you when you see blue lights in your rearview mirror?

When it comes to getting pulled over for a traffic violation, knowing your rights is important.

Jeff Benton, spokesperson for the Horry County Sheriff's Office, said nowadays there are many undercover vehicles used by patrol officers. So, it can be hard to tell if a real officer or an impostor is behind the wheel.

Benton says one thing you can do to make sure you're safe when pulling over is dial 911. "Call 911. That dispatcher will be able to know the location you're at and be able to check with the authorities in that area," Benton said.

Your other option is to slow down, put on your hazard lights, and pull over when you find a well-lit, or safe area.

"Flashers, slow down and that will give us an indication that you want to comply. You're looking for a safe place to go," Benton said.