Angie Pipkin's mother and daughter talk about their loss

For the past four months the family of Angie Pipkin has gone through something many of us can't even imagine.

Angie Pipkin, 32, disappeared in January.

A month later Randy Robinson was charged with her murder.

Last week, remains were found in Florence County and Tuesday, the family was told the remains were confirmed to be Angie Pipkin.

Gail, Angie's mother, and Taylor, Angie's 15-year-old daughter, say it's not closure.

"It just hurts really bad, knowing what he did to her, you know and it's not all over, I can't bury all of her," said Gail.

Taylor says she and her mom grew up together. "She wasn't just a mom to me she was my best friend. She was the person that I always went to for everything and she had a great smile I loved my mom's smile," said Taylor.

Gail says the anger she has for the man accused of killing her daughter cannot be placed into words. "I know you're not suppose to hate anybody, but I hate this man. I just got so much anger toward him cause he didn't have to do what he did to my daughter."

Taylor says she feels her mother's presence all around her, even when the wind blows.

"During the summers we'd layout in the yard together, we'd talk together, and on nights we'd watch movies," said Taylor.

Though Angie is gone, her spirit remains in her two daughters, Taylor and Gracie, 7.

"My mom's thing was 'I love you more than the stars in the sky, I love you bigger than the ocean.' That was our thing, and I do love my mom more than all the stars in the sky, I always will," said Taylor.

Gail said they're planning on having the funeral next week in Aynor on Sunday or Monday. The public is welcome to attend.

Gail Pipkin said only part of Angie's body was found, and police are still searching for other remains.