South Carolina Airbnb hosts to earn $2 Million during solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse (Stock Image/Thinkstock)

In a few days, over 9,460 Airbnb guest will arrive across the state of South Carolina for the highly-anticipated total solar eclipse. Airbnb says that could bring $2 million in extra income for Palmetto State residents who are home sharing via Airbnb.

Forty percent of solar eclipse hosts in South Carolina will be using Airbnb for the first time, providing families and travelers with affordable accommodations, particularly as hotel price gouging is still prevalent throughout the United States.

Marking the biggest night to date for Airbnb in the Palmetto State, the 9,460 booked guest arrivals at Airbnb listings along the eclipse path represent an increase of 340 percent from the same time the previous week.

The following chart illustrates the top South Carolina cities for guest arrivals that have been booked so far for the evening of Sunday, August 20th.

City guest arrivals for solar eclipse increase from previous week:

Charleston 3,230 250%

Mount Pleasant 960 300%

Greenville 760 390%

Columbia 740 600%

Folly Beach 390 63%

North Charleston 360 390%

Isle of Palms 230 180%

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