Good ideas... and bad ideas... on the day of the eclipse

ABC 15's Amanda Kinseth shows the good ideas.. and bad ideas.. for the day of the eclipse. (WPDE)

Two hundred million people live within a day's drive of the solar eclipse, meaning there is sure to be traffic congestion and delays for millions on the roadways.

And there are some basic rules you should follow to keep yourself and others safe.

Good idea: Leave hours, even days, ahead of time to get to your desired eclipse watching location.

Bad idea: Try to rush there.

Good idea: Wear your special solar glasses while watching the eclipse.

Bad idea: Wear your solar shades while driving.

Good idea: Record WPDE's coverage of the event, and check our website afterwards for video and photos.

Bad idea: Try to take your own photos of the eclipse while driving.

Good idea: Keep your headlights on if you're on the road, and if you want to stop, find a parking lot or safe location to park and watch the solar eclipse.

Bad idea: Stand on the side of the road to watch the eclipse. (You never know, there might be someone behind the wheel who left late and is trying to take pictures of the eclipse while wearing their solar shades and driving!)

Be safe and enjoy the spectacular view.

Click here for more on what to expect the day of the eclipse.

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