Stock Market up after unprecedented week

The Stock Market closed out bullish after a tumultuous week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Rose 0.3 percent on Friday to end at 14,799.

This is after the Dow plunged 560 points Wednesday through Thursday.

Financial analysts attribute Wall Street's two-day drop to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's announcement Wednesday. He said the Federal Reserve's bond buying program could end by the middle of 2014 if the economy continues to improve like it has.

The Federal Reserve now puts around $85 billion worth of bonds, or monthly asset purchases, back into the economy.

However, this good economic news led to bad news on the market as Bernanke's comments sparked sell-offs.

One Myrtle Beach personal financial specialist said these numbers are probably forcing some investors to have those same feelings they had during the economic downturn a couple years back.

"As an investor, you always like to see those corrections ease into the market. You don't like to see them in one day because then we're not too far removed from 2008 and 2009, and so you're a little less willing to accept those volatile movements in the market," said Investment Advisor Representative Radcliff Lowery.

Lowery also said that this is a great time for investors to re-evaluate their involvement in the market and to think about overall goals.