Is Paula Deen's career fried?

Wednesday, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said he's agreed to help celebrity chef Paula Deen try to make amends for using a racial slur. Jackson says Deen shouldn't become a "sacrificial lamb" over the issue of racial intolerance.

But some now-former fans say her career is fried.

"I think she's a little racist. It's in her blood," Brandy Shindle of Myrtle Beach said.

Deen and her brother are being sued for racial and sexual discrimination by a former manager of their restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

In a deposition from the lawsuit, Deen admitted to using the n-word to describe a black man who'd robbed her workplace nearly 30 years ago.

In her first interview since the allegations came out, she acknowledged her words.

"What you see is what you get. I'm not an actress. I'm heartbroken. I've had to hold friends in my arms while they sobbed, because they know what's being said about me is not true," Deen said in an interview on NBC's Today Show.

Sponsors like the Food Network, Smithfield Foods, and Wal-Mart are canning Deen since the allegations, which doesn't come as a surprise to those who've seen what happens to celebrities amid controversy.

"They did the same thing when Tiger (Woods) did that thing with his wife. Sponsors pulled, because they don't want their product to be behind a bad image," Denzel Strayhorn of Loris said.

"She pretty much done it to herself. If you say something like that, you can't expect anything else but to pull it," Billy Atkins of Charlotte said.

So now, we'll have to see if Deen has the right recipe for a career comeback.

"Look at Martha Stewart. Maybe she'll regain some of it but not all of it," Shindle said.

Last year, Forbes ranked Deen as the fourth highest paid celebrity chef.