How will a government shutdown affect me?

As we get closer to a potential government shutdown, here are some key things to know about how it will affect your everyday life:

1.) Originally, the government said they would not process any new government backed loan applications after midnight on September 30 if an agreement had not been reached. Late Monday evening, they changed their mind, and loans will be processed as normal. A slight delay may ensue, though.

2.) The government had also said passports would also not be processed in the event of a shutdown, but the State Department now says they will continue to be processed as long as the applications are not done at a federal agency.

3.) A government shutdown means all national parks, zoos and museums will close.

4.) All federal employees will be placed on furlough, aside from those who work in critical services, such as air traffic controllers, hazardous waste handlers, and food inspectors.

5.) Military personnel will continue to operate as normal, as well as the U.S. Postal Service and federal courts.

6.) Taxes will still have to be paid, and U.S. bonds will still be issued.

7.) A prolonged government shutdown could also hurt your investments, such as 401ks, for example. This is due to an unstable economy.