Female NCAA golf scholarships going unused

According to the NCAA, in 2009 more than 200 out of 1,800 female-golf scholarships went unused.

But with the LPGA and USGA's golf program for young woman, there's an effort to change that.

Sunday afternoon, 20 young women ages 7 to 17 participated in the Girl's Golf program on the Grand Strand headed by instructor Karen Nicoletti.

"My goal here in Myrtle Beach and everywhere is to get more girls to starting at a younger age," said Nicoletti.

As the golf coach at Myrtle Beach High School, she's seen first hand those scholarships go unused.

"When you give scholarships to schools, you have to give scholarships to girls and boys. Well, the boys' scholarship there is plenty of golfers, where the girls there are not enough girl golfers to fill those scholarships, and so they're going unused," she said.

Those unused scholarships often get awarded to foreign students wanting to play, she said.

"It's a tremendous opportunity for kids, especially girls," said Jim McFadden.

His daughter, Abby, participated in the program.

"I have two daughters, and I'm already thinking about two weddings and two colleges."

McFadden said his goal isn't necessarily gaining one of those scholarships, it's about getting her involved.

"She gotten more and more excited each week. So then she got to meet some other girls her age, and she's developed some real good friendships," he said.

"It's just a game that was never introduced to them and they may never have been introduced to it," said Nicoletti. "I'm hoping with this program we'll get more young girls to enjoy the game of golf."