A new report paints a bleak future for Afghanistan

According to a State Department assessment obtained by the Washington Times, Afghanistan's future following the withdraw


l of United States troops later this year could be rocky.

The assessment says Afghan cabinet ministries are ill-prepared to govern without American forces.

The United States has spent more than $100,000,000,000 rebuilding Afghanistan and another $600,000,000,000 on military activities.

There are concerns that the country will fall into the hands of extremists, and the Washington Times says the State Department tried to hide the assessment.

"There has been an awareness for several years now inside the U.S. Government that the money our government is spending in Afghanistan on nation building has not really been effective. It has not succeeded over the last 13 years of occupation in Afghanistan in propping up a government that will be able to sustain itself," Guy Taylor, Washington Times, says.

The Washington Times reports widespread corruption has much to do with the instability.

The United States Agency for International Development penned the assessment. The Washington Times obtained it through a freedom of information request.

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