Zipline employee breaks ankles in fall

An employee of Zipline Adventures, Gerard O'Sullivan, broke both his ankles Friday afternoon when he fell 60 feet from a zipline platform. The zipline is on 9th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach.

Sunday afternoon Grand Strand Regional Medical Center said O'Sullivan remains in ICU.

The manager at Zipline Adventures, Marc Sanger, told us the employee did not clip a safety harness to the line. He then fell backwards off a tower, plummeting 60 feet to the ground.

"Well, I mean it's pressured into their minds everyday to clip in, this could happen if you do not clip in. And he didn't clip in, so it happened," Sanger said.

The zipline was only shut down for a few minutes.

Customers were back to zipping after employees performed safety checks on the zipline cables and zip blades for tension.

In a statement released Sunday, Zipline Adventures said O'Sullivan is in stable condition and they continue "to share thoughts and prayers for Gerard's speedy recovery and has arranged for Gerard's parents to join him here in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday."