YouTube video shows man being beaten in Lake City

*Warning: The video with this story may be disturbing to some viewers.*

The Florence County Sheriff's Office and Lake City Police Department are investigating the authenticity of a video posted on YouTube showing the beating of a young man.

The images are disturbing. You can watch part of the video in our 6 p.m. report in the video box above.

About four young men beat, punch, kick and stomp a man outside Lassie Street Mobile Home Park in Lake City.

They use profanity through out the 1:20 video and call the victim a "snitch."

Lake City Police Chief Billy Brown says he's positive the incident happened at the mobile home park.

They've identified a car, house and fire hydrant, Brown says, shown in the video.

A link to the YouTube video was sent anonymously by email to WPDE NewsChannel 15 on March 29.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office says it received a similar anonymous email the next day and immediately started investigating.

"Where we are right now, we have no complainant, no victim that's come forward and no witnesses. Now obviously, there are witnesses to this, and if we were able to speak with them and find out what the facts are, verify things, perhaps we could have enough information to go before a magistrate and obtain a warrant for probable cause. At this point, unless someone comes forward, we're sort of stuck where we are," said Captain Michael Nunn, Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Nunn says this isn't an easy investigation because they don't have a lot to go on at this point.

Nunn explained, "We don't have any reason to doubt the validity at this point, but those are all things that you have to take into consideration, wonder whether it can withstand scrutiny by the court and attorneys and things. And so, there's more involved in this process than just going out and arresting someone."

The heading of the YouTube video says the Young Locs in Lake City.

Deputies say they've never heard of that group and they're not sure if they're a local gang or offshoot of a major gang.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Florence County Sheriff's Office at (843) 665-2121 ext 333 or the Lake City Police Department at (843) 374-5411.