Your furniture may be adding fuel to the fire

The items in your home may put you more at risk if a fire started.

It has become common for furniture to be made from more synthetic materials rather than natural materials.

These synthetic materials can be more of a danger to you and your loved ones if they catch fire.

"The products, although they make our lives easier and more comfortable, in the event of a fire, they're a lot more dangerous," said Horry County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Brian VanAernem

Synthetic furniture will burn faster and at higher temperatures.

These materials will also emit larger amounts of toxic chemicals when on fire, including carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen cyanide.

"The products of the combustion, from the newer furniture, is a lot more deadly and it'll actually knock you out or make you go unconscious a lot quicker than say the older products," said VanAernem

Smoke inhalation is the cause of most fire deaths.

To make sure you stay safe, VanAernem says to become an educated consumer.

That means to look at what furniture is made of before you buy it.

"Anytime that you're buying furniture and that you're buying things for your house nowadays, I think the consumer would be better off if you're looking at things. They should be looking at tags," he said.

Look for more natural materials, such as wood and cotton.

Polystyrene is a synthetic material that's almost as flammable as propane.

You should also make sure you have devices in your home that'll detect if something is wrong.

A smoke detector is one important device that VanAernem has seen missing in many homes.

Horry County Fire Rescue will help you install a smoke detector in your home if you don't have one.

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