Youngest World AM player disqualified from tournament

The youngest female to compete in the World Amateur Handicap Tournament in Myrtle Beach was disqualified Tuesday.

Kayla Parsons, 10, played above and beyond her submitted United States Golf Association handicap of 30, which is developed after submitting 20 scores.

"It's a procedure to golf. You'll see a trend of what someone shoots. The tournament committee discusses that with each entry. There are several good players that get disqualified every year," World AM Tournament spokesman, Phil Werz, said.

Parsons, who practices with Carolina Forest High School's golf team, shot a 98 Monday at Panthers Run and an 88 Tuesday at Possum Trot. Her coach said it's a matter of bad timing.

"Her score had improved so much. She had turned in a 30 handicap, which was a true handicap. Over the past month and a half or so we've been implementing different things in her swing. Her body is getting used to that swing and what we want to happen, is actually happening. She's starting to play better," coach Tom Garber said.

Werz said providing a handicap is a rule all 3,009 players must abide by.

"The cool part is that she's doing exactly what we thought was going to happen with her ability. This is going to speak yards for her character, the way she's handling it. They have a quality family who have been nothing but fare and honest in her scoring," Garber said.

Parsons, who is from Myrtle Beach, is still playing in the tournament, but can no longer be considered for the championship.

"She's disappointed, but she's going to come out on top," Garber said.

The World Am Tournament wraps up Friday.