Yoga class offers treatment for cancer survivors and patients

Dim lighting, soothing music, and a "Namaste" welcome set the mood for the yoga class. / Lindsey Theis

"Inhale lift the right hand, left leg. And exhale," Instructor Amanda Wotten-Powell softly says.

It might seem like any other Monday night yoga class, but Yoga Radiance at the Pepper Geddings Recreation Center taught by Wotten-Powell of SOS Healthcare, is something those at the class say is a lifesaver.

"Most definitely, it heals from the inside out," says two time cancer survivor, Linda Pounders of Conway.

Pounders has overcome breast cancer and Lymphoma, and has been attending the yoga class for two weeks. She had done other yoga classes but found this works best for her.

"Other classes would push you too hard. There's just some things, as a survivor, your body can't handle as easily."

Wooten-Powell says she got the idea after volunteering for a cancer survivor program. The movements are meant to be easier on patients going through or have survived treatments. Yoga, she says, helps heal the mind, body and spirit for those fighting cancer.

"It gets them moving. It's gets them up and off the couch and onto the mat. It creates more space in the body opening up and allowing them to shine the heart and feel their bodies all over again," she said.

Pounders says she would recommend the class to anyone in her situation.

"I know they give you medicine and send you to physical therapy, but yoga just helps you find that center," Pound er s added.