Yee haw! It's the Murrells Inlet goat round up

Nine goats, including three pregnant mother goats who are pregnant, were moved from Goat Island in Murrells Inlet to a farm in Socastee for the winter months Tuesday morning.

The tradition of having goats on the island started more than 20 years ago, when a co-owner of Drunken Jack's restaurant found marijuana plants growing out on the island. He knew people wouldn't grow pot where there was a risk of it being eaten.

The goat removal can take anywhere between 35 minutes to three hours, depending on the level of cooperation from the goats.

The unofficial mayor of Murrells Inlet, Bubba Love, takes the time each year to get the goats off the island.

Originally they thought only one goat was pregnant. It took in total, about 50 minutes to move the animals via boat, off of the island.

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