Yarn Zoo vandalized in Conway

A new art installation has been vandalized in downtown Conway.

The CREATE! Conway's Yarn Zoo project was installed on Saturday morning by volunteers throughout downtown.

A police report was filed on Sunday, after someone ripped a crochet monkey from an awning at Rivertown Bistro early Sunday morning.

That person removed a knitted cozy from a nearby planter and used it to tie the knitted monkey's neck to the handle of the front door of the restaurant.

"While this may seem like an innocent prank, it is actually malicious damage of private property. The point of the project is to bring visitors to downtown Conway and offer something for the kids to enjoy. Vandalism is not a core value that makes our community more livable. It is a problem and a nuisance and ultimately, it is something that police are well-equipped to deal with, " Barbara Streeter, director of CREATE! Conway said.