WTF? Swearing carries fine in one town

Recently, the small town of Middleborough, MA passed a law that means a fine of $20 if someone is caught cursing in public.

Some call it a radical step to cut down on obscene language.

But Grand Strand etiquette consultant, Nanci Penn, believes it's a step in the right direction.

"I have an eight year old daughter. How many times have I been out at a restaurant or been out in public and heard very offensive language and wanted to cover her little ears and just say don't listen to that," said Penn.

Penn said she's watched four letter words go from crude to common.

"If we all put ourself to that basis level, where is society going to go?" asked Penn. "But what I do know is that people are tired of it. They're ready to take back our dignity and respect."

But some swear against the law.

"It's totally a violation of freedom of speech," said Myrtle Beach resident Kenneth Davis.

"That should be a church issue. That should be a family issue," said Coastal Carolina University professor and Social Psychology expert, Dr. Tony Albiniak.

Albiniak believes we've gotten to this point because reality TV has shaped actual reality.

"I think it's a shame for kids to be eight and to be seeing that and thinking that's what they should be like," said Dr. Albiniak. "No I don't want an eight year old to be like the people in those reality shows because they don't reflect society. They reflect the bad side of society."

And while he doesn't agree with swearing, he doesn't believe a law will prohibit the practice.

"It is a growing problem. But I think laws are not the answer. I can't see really how that will work in the long run that will not work at all. I don't believe."