Wounded warriors arrive in MB for a break

Wounded Warrior reception held at Harbor Lights.

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WPDE) - Millions of tourists visit the Grand Strand each year, but a special group just arrived to the area. Nearly two dozen wounded warriors are here for a break from recovery. The military servicemen and women and their families will be here for a week on an all-expense paid trip.

As with any military themed welcome, the presence of American flags are a must. More than 50 veterans and volunteers waited patiently for the group's arrival at Harbour Lights. Eventually they made their way in with a police and Rolling Thunder escort.

"It's been an amazing day. Just seeing so many people that actually want to say thank you to you. And you know for all the service we have done, it's amazing," said Staff Sgt. Ramon Bayorn.

Thursday night's reception is just the beginning of the week on the Grand Strand for the wounded warriors. Retired Lt. Col. Roger Pilcher with Military Officers Association of America said the trip is a way to "show appreciation for their service."

Bayorn is still recovering from an injury in Iraq where he hurt his wrist, shoulder and lower back. The 11 year Army reservist is being treated at Ft. Belvoir in Virginia.

"From time to time I've got to use a cane. Sometimes I can walk without it, but if I'm going to go for a long walk or something like that, I definitely have to use it," explained Bayorn. "I put a big effort to push myself. I put out a big effort, but at the same time we got a great team behind us supporting us."

While the road to recovery is challenging, this group is focused, and they're receiving support from people they've never met.