Would you wear wearable tech?

Chase Hendley wearing his Google Glass.

If you're not wearing wearable technology now, you might before long.

About 10 million wearable tech devices are expected to be sold this year, according to a market research firm, by 2020, that number is expected to climb to 100 million.

Wearable technology includes things like Google Glass, smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Chase Hendley of Myrtle Beach was the first person in South Carolina to own Google Glass. The device places a tiny screen near your eye and allows you to surf the web, take pictures and more.

Hendley believes wearable technology like Glass is here to stay.

"I think that everyone will have something similar to this whether it's a head mounted display or a wrist display," Hendley said.

What do you think? Could you wear a tiny computer on your head or wrist?