Would you like to see a performing arts facility in Myrtle Beach?

The building is designed and plans already exist for a Myrtle Beach Auditorium and Performing Arts facility and now the City of Myrtle Beach wants to see how voters feel about building the new facility.

A referendum on the November 5th ballot asks voters whether the city may issue up to $10 million in general obligation bonds for the purpose of building the Auditorium and Performing Arts facility.

For taxpayers, it means their property tax will rise.

"It will increase everyone's property tax by pennies a day," said Rita Levine, Myrtle Beach performing arts board member.

For example, on a $100,000 home, Myrtle Beach residents would pay about $13 more a year.

Supporters say that's a small price to pay for such an economic boost.

"People come down, go out to dinner, and spend the night, so it will give us some revenue it will be good for tourism," said Levine.

The performing arts board has been working on the proposal for years.

The plans call for a 35,000 square foot auditorium and performing arts center to be constructed alongside the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

The referendum before voters is non-binding, meaning if voters say yes, the board will work with City Council on a plan to move forward.

"With a positive vote, we would like to sit down with city officials and get their feel on the direction to take at that point and time," said Jamie Broadhurst, Myrtle Beach performing arts board member.

If the performing arts facility gets the 'ok' from voters and City Council, it will take 14 to 16 months to build.