Worst is yet to come for residents of flooded community

Many people living in the Lee's Landing community off of the Waccamaw River in Horry County have already left their homes due to flooding, and other residents say they are ready to leave at any moment.

As of Thursday morning, the Waccamaw River was at almost 13ft, more than 16 inches over the flood stage.

Forecasters say the worst is yet to come, because the river is expected to rise about a half a foot by early Sunday before it begins to fall.

"I've lived around a long time to know you can't beat Mother Nature. When Mother Nature takes charge, she's in charge - you're not," said Eula Cronk, a resident of the area.

Another resident, James Shelley, who is a developer currently building homes in the Waccamaw Crossing development, is preparing for the worst.

"We'll see what we've got to work with. The customers that I have currently are hanging in there with me. Again, most of those people are local, and they understand that, you know, from time to time, there'll be flooding," Shelley said.

Lee's Landing Circle is only open to the people who live in that area, and the State Department of Transportation says it will re-open to everyone when the water has receded.