Workers at Softee Supreme plant claim they haven't been paid

NewsChannel 15 has received several calls from employees at the Softee Supreme Diaper plant in Mullins over the past couple of weeks, saying they haven't been paid. One employee claims she hasn't been paid in four weeks.

The plant experienced similar issues twice in 2011 and the plant's CEO, Colina Brown, cited problems with the bank and glitches in their payroll system in those cases.

This time, Brown says he isn't sure why some of his employees are making these false claims.

Brown added that that the employees are paid bi-weekly and last week they received their checks on time.

Brown said of the 50 workers at his plant,only three haven't cashed last weeks checks.

He told us he was going to fax NewsChannel 15 paperwork showing that his workers got paid last week, but so far we have yet to get the fax.

His company had a lot of debt when they initially opened three years ago and because of that he's had to downsize, according to Brown.

Brown stated that he makes it a point to see that all of his workers get paid because he knows they need their money to survive.