Word on the street about Tropical Storm Arthur

Even though Tropical Storm Arthur has been in the news for the past several days, we found several tourists on the Grand Strand who hadn't heard about it.

"We haven't heard anything at all. We showed up two days ago. And it has been nothing but nice out. No winds. No storms. No one has told us anything," said Vince Spinelli visiting from Buffalo, New York for his honeymoon.

Effects from Tropical Storm Arthur are expected to be seen along the Grand Strand Thursday, when it's expected to have become Hurricane Arthur.

WPDE NewsChannel 15's Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski still predicts the rain and wind we'll see won't be worse than a normal summer thunderstorm.

Some people though have been following local weather reports.

"We just heard that its coming through , possibly, Thursday. Tropical storm wind and maybe some rain," said Lisa Awwiller visiting from Ohio.

There also have been a slew of weather reports coming from national news media about the effects this weather will have on the Carolinas come Fourth of July weekend.

Many don't want to get bogged down with all of the nitty-gritty, weather details.

"We got the CNN model. We got the HLN model. You know, I just look at it and say. You know, we got insurance on our car if a limb falls on it," said Eddie Green visiting from Aiken, South Carolina.

We'll continue to follow this storm as it develops. Check in with Chief Meteorologist Ed Piotrowski here.