Woman taken by helicopter to hospital after car hit horse she was riding

Horry County Fire Rescue crews were called to the scene of a car verses horse crash in Conway Tuesday night. It happened around on Highway 65 around 8:40 pm.

Justin Gibbons with HCFR says the woman who was riding the horse had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter, but was reportedly in stable condition. The person in the car did not need medical attention.

The owner of the horse talked to WPDE NewsChannel 15 on Thursday and said that the horse later died of injuries it suffered in the wreck.

After the woman and the horse were hit, the horse ran back to the pasture where it was kept. The owner and her husband later had to put the horse down.

The owner was on a different horse in front of the horse that was hit and says she saw the whole thing. She said she turned around to check on her friend when a car struck them.

The owner quickly tended to her friend while her husband tried to control the bleeding from a gash the horse had on the left side of his body.

The woman who was airlifted was in town from Nevada visiting her friend, who owns the horse.

The woman had minor injuries and was released from the hospital Thursday.