Woman says snakes flooding her backyard

Alma Brown, 77, says snakes have invaded her back yard on Charlotte Street in Florence.

The swamp behind her home

floods when it rains and the snakes seem to be getting worse each time the swamp overflows.

"I never hardly go in the backyard because I'm afraid and I'm afraid of snakes.This summer we have killed three snakes. Some people say when they killed them it was water moccasins

," Brown said.

Brown is a part of the East Florence Community Organization.

The organization has written letters to state and county officials in recent months about Brown's problem with the swamp.

The group says they're getting the runaround.

"I get really frustrated because I was getting tossed back and forth. I was sent on goose chases," said Pat Gibson Hye-Moore East Florence Community Organization.

The organization did hear back from officials with the SC Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

DNR believes beavers are building dams in the swamp.

"That's not her swamp. She doesn't own that swamp. She should have peaceful enjoyment in her home

," Moore explained.

DNR officials say Brown's troubles with the swamp backing up


not something they generally handle and it's out of their jurisdiction.

However, they're trying to find the owner of the swamp in effort to fix the beaver problem so the water can flow freely and not back up into Brown's yard.

If they can't find the land owner or a designee, DNR says Brown can get a depredation permit to shoot the beavers if she sees them on her property.

"I don't want to live around here with snakes and beavers and if I had a gun I probably scared to shoot it. I ain't shoot one in a real long time, but if I have to I have to do what I have to do," said Brown.

In the meantime, DNR officers plan to visit Brown's home to inspect the problem. They've also contacted nuisance control operations to deal with Brown's snake problem.