Woman released from hospital, charged with Attempted Murder

Surfside Beach police have charged Julie Amtey, 34, of Wilmington, with Attempted Murder, Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, and Reckless Driving right after being released from the hospital where she's been since August.

On August 9th, an officer was sent to investigate a suspicious car parked behind a church.

The officer found an SUV and says Amtey, who was driving it, backed up and sped off, almost hitting the officer, according to Surfside Beach police chief Rodney Keziah.

A few hours later, officers found Amtey, still driving the SUV, and tried to stop her, Keziah said, but she sped off again.

Amtey eventually lost control, was thrown from the SUV and seriously injured. She remained in the hospital until Monday.

Amtey's bond was set at $7,445.