Woman pleads to Attempted Murder, Ill Treatment of Animals

JoAnna Marsh

JoAnna Marsh pled Nolo Contendre to Attempted Murder and Ill Treatment of Animals before Judge Edward B. Cottingham Monday.

Nolo contendre is a plea in which the defendant indicates he or she does not contest the charge and is willing to accept punishment, if found guilty.

In the months leading up to the plea, Marsh had requested a jury trial which was scheduled to begin May 13.

Prior to the plea, a hearing was held in which Marsh was determined to be competent to stand trial.

Judge Cottingham sentenced Marsh to ten years, no parole, on the Attempted Murder Charge and one year concurrent on the Ill Treatment of Animals charge.

In the hearing prior to the plea, testimony revealed Marsh had suffered from Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent and Borderline Personality Features.

On July 18, 2011, Marsh drowned her two cats in a shower and then shot David Hardee with a 357 Smith and Wesson revolver, multiple times in the stomach.

As Marsh fled, Hardee struggled to his feet, stating he knew if he laid there he would die. He made it outside and laid down in the road, stating he prayed and "was at peace of god was calling him home."

Police and EMTs arrived about this time. Hardee remained in a coma for almost a month.

He is still suffering from those wounds and has had numerous surgeries.

Hardee and Marsh were in a relationship at this time but Hardee revealed he had ended their relationship.

After the relationship had ended, Hardee allowed Marsh to continue living in his home, in a separate room, rent free. Immediately prior to the first shot, Marsh told Hardee that "If she couldn't have him, no one would."

Marsh, 59, at the time of the plea, has a two prior 2010 convictions for Arson in the third degree.

Marsh was on probation at the time of the Attempted Murder and Ill Treatment of Animals.