Woman found in trunk of car charged with filing a false report

A woman found in the trunk of a car in Horry County Wednesday morning has been charged with Filing a False Police Report, according to a spokesperson with Horry County police, Melissa Cox.

Police responded to the scene on a dirt road off Highway 917 near Oak Grove Baptist Church in Nichols around 9 a.m Wednesday.

A friend of the woman called police to say she'd seen a woman in the trunk of a car, according to Lt. Chip Squires.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Cheryl Lashawn Brown in the trunk. She did not have any injuries and told police she'd been there since Monday, Squires said.

Brown told police she was forced into the trunk at gun point by three men after they attempted to rob her, the report states.

Brown stated she was buying cigarettes at a nearby gas station when she was approached by one of the men, forced to follow them in a car to another location, robbed and then forced to get into the trunk, the report adds.

She was transported to a local hospital, where she was questioned by police.

When police realized the story was made up, the woman was arrested and taken to jail.

Brown then told police that she made up the story due to a domestic dispute with her boyfriend so her friend and her drove out to the location, her friend put her in the trunk and the friend called 911.

According to Lt. Squires, due to some medical issues and an evaluation, she was not taken to jail. The charge, Making a False Complaint to a Law Enforcement Officer, is a misdemeanor, and that the woman can be fined up to $200 or serve up to a 30 day jail sentence.

The friend has not been formally charged but the investigation is still ongoing, police stated.