Woman charged after dog found tied up in bag

Veronica Crawford is charged with Ill Treatment of an Animal after Darlington County animal control officers say they found a dog tied up in a bag in her yard.

According to Randy Evans with Darlington County's animal control office, Crawford called on June 11 and asked them to pick up her pet dog. Evans says they told her they didn't pick up pets. She said her husband recently died and needed the dog picked up. He told her they only have one animal control officer for the entire county, but they would try to help her out and pick up the dog on Thursday.

When they didn't show up Thursday, Evans said Crawford called back and told the secretary that she had the dog in a bag for three days. Evans said they immediately sent the officer to her home to investigate as a possible abuse case.

When the animal control officer showed up at the home and found the dog, he texted a picture of the dog in the bag to animal control and said the sheriff's office needed to come out.

Darlington County deputies responded and arrested Crawford.

She's been released from jail on bond.

Officials with the Darlington County Humane Society say the dog was emaciated, but they were able to nurse her back to health.

They've named the dog, Belinda, and she is now in a foster home.

They say prior to Belinda being placed in a bag, she gave birth to four puppies. The puppies are also now in foster care.

Shelter volunteers say this incident has gained national and international attention since they posted it on their Facebook page, and many are asking for Crawford to get prison time for the crime. They say some people have started a petition asking a judge to sentence Crawford to a stiff sentence.

Darlington County Animal Shelter Assistant Manager Greg Vaught says Belinda is going to a rescue group in the Northeast. He says it's possible the same rescue group could take the puppies, but they have no confirmed agreement as of yet.

We're still waiting to learn when Crawford will go to court on this matter. We'll let you know when a court date is set.