Woman arrested in connection with Darlington County meth lab bust

The Darlington County Sheriff's Office got a call Sunday night saying their was suspicious activity at a vacant mobile home on Clyde Road in Hartsville.

Deputies went to check it out and saw nothing.

The caller phoned again saying a car was now at the home and people were inside.

Deputies went back and when they approached the door, they say a woman and two others ran out of the house.

Officers went inside and found a meth lab.

They immediately called the State Law Enforcement Division's Hazardous Materials Team to come and dismantle the lab.

Deputies arrested Kelli Weaver, 30, and charged with manufacturing meth. They say she was one of the people who ran from the house.

Sheriff Wayne Byrd says they're looking to arrest two more people in connection with the incident.

In the past two weeks, deputies in Darlington County have discovered and dismantled five meth labs. Deputies say most of the labs have been in and around Hartsville.

Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd says four of the meth labs were discovered as part of an on-going investigation.

"That comes from hard work by the investigators and good cooperation with the community, people calling in giving us tips letting us know that something doesn't look right at my neighbor's house or whatever," explained Sheriff Byrd.

Byrd says they're very fortunate there were no tragedies in this incident because meth labs are extremely dangerous.

Byrd said, "Most of the labs that we've come across lately have been small bottle , single bottle cooks or labs. Basically, they put all the ingredients in some type of container and mix it up and they leave it for like a period of time, let all the ingredients mix. It actually starts a chemical reaction that produces heat and produces poisonous gas so you really don't want to be around while these things are going through that chemical reaction."

Byrd said he believes many of the people arrested in the meth lab busts are users who've learned how to make the drug. He says they are selling it to support their habit.

The Darlington County Drug Enforcement Unit will continue to crack down on meth labs as part of this ongoing investigation. They expect to make more arrests in the coming days.