Winter weather means dangerous cold for many in Pee Dee

The City of Marion opened an emergency heating center at the fire station on Bond Street, Thursday afternoon.

City leaders say the center is for anyone who has insufficient heating in their home.

"We're a caring city. So, we want to make sure that anybody that needs heat will at least have a place for them to come. Come get in out of the cold. Warm up if they need to and just trying to care of the citizens of the city," said Chief Trey Cooper, Marion Fire Department.

The center will be manned by a city employee.

The center is warming residents' hearts.

"Little do you know, there's a lot of people that does not have anywhere to go. And I think that's great. That's great for them to have somewhere to go from the cold. So, they don't have to be out in this weather," said Patricia Grant.

The City of Hartsville says it has opened emergency heating and cooling centers in the past, but not many people showed up.

Instead, police will check on residents to make sure they're warm enough.

"We'll be checking on the residents in the City of Hartsville and in Darlington County," explained Chief James Hudson, Hartsville Police Department.

Hudson says the officers have gassed up their cars and tested the generator at the department to make sure it works in case the building loses power.

He says extra officers are on call just in case they're needed.