Windsor Green resident whose home was spared: "I got my life and got out of here"

Windsor Green units that weren't destroyed by the fire.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) - Despite the quick moving fire that destroyed 26 buildings in Windsor Green Saturday, several other buildings in the community are still standing.

Two days after the fire, the memories of watching a fire take over the neighborhood are still raw for those who live there.

Monday morning, Karen Sanders returned to her home in Windsor Green, where she owns two units.

"It's a good feeling, a very good feeling. I think I've been spared twice recently. I got my life and got out of here. Number two - my two neighbors that I was worried about are all okay and our building is standing," said Sanders.

Sanders was home Saturday evening when the complex went up in flames.

"When I opened the door to go outside I could definitely smell smoke. Then I could see it. And after standing there a minute or two I could see the fire in the trees over here and it was like 30 foot tall. Very scary," she explained. "I grabbed this pair of pants and a couple underwears and that's all I took with me."

She barely had time to escape the fast moving fire. "We went through flames that were already sparking out of like what you would call fire storm tornadoes. Those little things that they send out and that was throwing fire in different directions and sparking more grass fires. Just trying to get out in that and keep your head about you and yet my big thing was then was get the heck out of here "

That night she went to North Carolina to stay with her son.

When she returned, she checked out the other unit she owns, where her mother lived before her death. It's in a building right next to another that was destroyed.

"I mean what more can I really ask for at this point? And this place? My mom was watching over this," she added.

Sanders has lived in Windsor Green for about 15 years, and she describes it as a close knit walking community.

She hopes that it will return to that in time.