Windsor Green fire family finds a symbol of closure

Friday, three generations of a family searched for closure in the remains of their condo in Windsor Green, after it was burned to the ground Saturday along with 108 other condos.

"I could hear in the background come on get out, fire, fire, hurry...I knew that we had lost our home at that point," said Anthony Medeiros.

Medeiros and his family owned the condo.

"When grandmother came here, she stayed here, she wasn't sure if I had insurance or not and you know what, I really couldn't afford it, the way things were going," he said.

But despite the loss of material possessions, the one thing they were searching for is irreplaceable.

"Grandmother had the remains in her possession and of course, we lost him," he said.

Medeiros' grandfather's ashes were in the home in an urn. He found a box Friday morning but wasn't sure if it was the urn.

"With the help of the fire rescue team we have discovered a box that we believe might be it," said Medeiros.

To confirm it, the family showed the box to Medeiros' aunt.

"It touches my heart. That was the most important thing to us, was to find our father's ashes. I'm just pretty emotional right now, this is very devastating but to find my Daddy means the world, it means the world," said Donna Lord.

Lord said finding the ashes brings some closure

"My heart's touched. I am touched," she said.

Closure is important to these families. One piece many of them are still waiting on is what started this fire, something that officials say they might never know.

The investigation into the cause is still ongoing.