William Bailey remains on leave from NMB public safety

Lt. Wiliam Bailey

A lieutenant with the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety will remain on leave while state police decide if they'll investigate allegations that he covered up a criminal domestic violence case.

William Bailey is the former head of public safety. He was demoted to lieutenant January 27th after it was discovered he had lied about the theft of his city-issued service weapon from his truck. Bailey had said the gun was locked in the truck's glove box. But a Sun New investigation determined the truck didn't have a locking glove box.

Bailey was on a two week suspension and scheduled to return to work this week.

But city spokeswoman Nicole Aiello says Bailey will remain on leave pending the State Law Enforcement's Decision.

If SLED does investigate, Bailey would remain on leave until the city manager reviewed the outcome of that investigation.

Bailey was not paid while on suspension. Now that he is on leave, the city says his time will come from his accrued vacation or taken without pay.

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