Wilkes withdraws, endorses Bauer for 7th Congressional race

Mande Wilkes, an attorney and TV show host, announced Tuesday she was withdrawing from the race for the 7th Congressional District and endorsing former South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer.

Wilkes says she and her husband are expecting their first child this summer, so she decided to withdraw.

In a news release, Wilkes says, "The decision rested ultimately on whether there was a suitably conservative alternative in the field - a candidate who shares my commitment to fiscal restraint, individual liberty, and limited government. It is therefore with excitement that I offer an enthusiastic endorsement of Andre Bauer for U.S. Congress. I'm confident that Mr. Bauer will, as he promises, get America working again. At the time of this writing, in fact, Mr. Bauer is in the nation's capital fighting for the repeal of socialized health care and the return to free market ideals. I'm withdrawing from the race, but I'm not withdrawing from that fight. I look forward to campaigning on behalf of Mr. Bauer so that the people of the 7th District can send to Washington a proven and committed capitalist conservative."

Wilkes hosts a paid program on WPDE.