Wild dogs killing stray cats, damaging property near Longs

People in the Longs area of Horry County say wild dogs are roaming through their backyards, killing animals and damaging property. Now these folks worry the dogs may have a taste for blood and could be searching for new victims.

Nancy Morris found her late mother's golf cart ripped to shreds Wednesday morning and knew exactly what was to blame.

"They're going through plants, whatever they can find," Morris said.

It's a pack of 5 or 6 dogs that Morris and her neighbors have seen roaming through backyards at night.

"It looks like they're dark in color, stocky build, short ears," she said.

The dogs may not be completely wild, since Morris said they appear well-fed and leave cat food untouched, but they are aggressive enough to go after kittens that nest inside a razor-sharp century plant in a neighbor's yard.

"Between the neighbors across the street and other people in the area, all we're doing is burying cats when (the dogs) come along."

One of Morris's neighbors told her the dogs killed about 20 chickens on his land Tuesday night and he believes he may have caught one of the dogs in a trap.

So far the damage from the wild dogs has been limited to stray kittens, the dead chickens and a torn up golf cart, but Morris and her neighbors are concerned that the next victim could be a person's pet or even a human being.

"If a person confronts them, I really believe they would attack."

Morris said she has contacted Horry County animal control officers many times and she is not critical of their response, but the traps officers have set for the dogs haven't worked and there's not much more they can do.

She said it's about time for her husband, who's a hunter, to get out his gun.

"We have a deer stand, my husband does, and we're going to set up the deer stand and just sit and wait on them. That's all we can do."

County animal control officers tell NewsChannel 15 they discourage people from hunting wild dogs on their own and Morris said she understands why, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

"These are vicious dogs."