Why South Lynches isn't included in Florence County's fire consolidation plan

Florence County is seeking to consolidate its six fire districts as part of a fire protection plan.

South Lynches Fire District is the only one in the county not included in the plan.

Florence County Fire Services Coordinator Sam Brockington says South Lynches wasn't created by the county, but by the state legislature in 1982.

It covers lower Florence County and part of Williamsburg County.

It's not funded through Florence County's general fund, but gets its money from property taxes collected by the residents within its district.

Brockington says South Lynches is financially independent from Florence County

, which

is why it's not a part of the fire protection ordinance.

Some residents also questioned why South Lynches is getting $2.5 million from the penny sales tax extension.

Brockington says that's because the Florence County residents who live in


South Lynches district voted for and pay the penny sales tax.

Brockington is the fire chief of South Lynches district, but says it's not a conflict of interest with his county position because he's not paid as the
South Lynches fire chief.