Where are the Atlantic Beach police officers?

After a shooting in Atlantic Beach last week, in which there was no town police officer on duty to respond, we started asking questions about the police department.

Horry County police have a mutual aid agreement, along with other law enforcement agencies, to help cover the town.

Atlantic Beach town council has called a special meeting for Wednesday evening and on the agenda is the mutual aid agreement.

We went to town hall Tuesday afternoon to locate an officer and the door was locked, with no sign of any officers.

We have tried contacting Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans about the police department.

We have not heard back from him at this time.

It is unclear how many officers are with the department or when an officer is on duty to respond to calls in Atlantic Beach.

Council will possibly adresss these questions at the special meeting.

Horry County police say they respond when called by dispatch.

We contacted the director of Horry County's 911 system, Toni Bessent, to find out which departments have responded to calls in Atlantic Beach from July 15th to August 15th.

She said Horry County police have responded to 35 calls in the area.

Horry County Sheriff deputies responded to two.

And Atlantic Beach police responded to five calls during that month.

Bessent said Atlantic Beach officers contact dispatch to tell them they're on duty and available to respond to calls.