What's going on at Freestyle Music Park?

Some people who work in the area of the former Freestyle Music Park are reporting new activity and movement at the property that has been out of business since 2009.

"I've seen a couple cars or trucks go through throughout the day for the last few weeks, I've been asking myself I know it's closed, but I see people down there. Are they about to open back up maybe?" asked Angelica Knox, who works near the Park.

Knox isn't the only one. Martin Durham, the park's former Vice President of Entertainment, is asking the same thing.

"The only activity is behind the fence you know we see some heavier equipment coming in, some lifts that will get you up to work where you can work on the rides," Durham said, "All of a sudden there's a bit of activity and we're all curious about what's going on but there's no information to be had."

We reached out to the park's attorney but he told us for now, he's got no comment.

According to theme park website, some of the remaining park rides may have been sold, but we still haven't been able to figure out to whom yet.

Durham still wishes the park would some day come back to life and even if it doesn't, he said the area has a lot of potential to be developed into something successful.

"We've got the bridge, there's the Fantasy Harbor Bridge, so there's a very good chance that something really complimentary of the area in the community over here."

A church group called "Abiding Village" tried to raise $10 million to buy the property a year ago, but came up short.