Welcome to Myrtle Manor! Meet the cast

Becky Richardson and Jeana Futrell of TLC show "Myrtle Manor"

The premiere of the reality TV series "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" airs Sunday night. The show brings together a number of characters with a wide range of personalities like Becky Richardson and Jeana Futrell, who also happen to own the property.

"I own the roads and nobody could tell me to stop doing what I'm doing. I can cut doughnuts, I can run over people I can just fly over bumps," said Richardson.

"She's never had a lot in her life. She got a golf cart, and she loves it," said Futrell.

They say when they were first approached for the show, they thought it was a scam.

But of all the characters in the show, Peggy Beaulieu is the oldest. She explained that the show makes her feel younger.

"I'm old enough to be their mother, maybe grandmother," said Beaulieu.

Beaulieu explained that her road to reality TV wasn't an easy one. She is also a two-time breast cancer survivor.

"I caught it early. That's the key to cancer. It doesn't make any difference if you got it in your behind, or you got it in your breast or you got it wherever it happens to be," she explained.

Beaulieu said she's just blessed to still be alive and that being on the show has been by far one of the most amazing experiences of her life.

The first episode of Welcome to Myrtle Manor airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on TLC.