Weekly Surge discontinued at CCU, alcohol content to blame

The promotion of alcohol is at the heart of a conflict between Coastal Carolina University and an alternative, and locally produced newspaper called the Weekly Surge.

On Monday, the university made the decision to discontinue the distribution of the Weekly Surge on campus, because it promoted alcohol and drinking, an issue that the university has been focusing their recent efforts on, according to Deb Conner, vice president of student affairs at Coastal Carolina University.

â??We are working really hard with an alcohol coalition on our campus. And part of that coalition, are the messages that we are sending to our students in regards to alcohol usage and consumption,â?? Conner said.

Conner also mentioned the university has a policy prohibiting outside organizations from distributing items on campus without the universityâ??s permission. After reviewing the publication, Conner decided not to grant the Weekly Surge permission to distribute.

However, Kent Kimes, editor of the Weekly Surge, told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that the newspaper has been allowed to circulate since 2006 in seven different locations on campus.

â??Overall, I'm taken aback by it, because we've had a working relationship with CCU since day one since we started in the summer of 2006,â?? Kimes said.

With the exception of a new column called, â??Lush Life,â?? Kimes also said the articles pertaining to alcohol havenâ??t changed since the newspaper was started.

Conner wasnâ??t aware of the long-standing presence the newspaper had on campus, and when asked about how long the newspaper had been circulating on campus, she replied.

â??I can't answer that question, because this was. I don't know if it has been circulating on campus. I received a call to approve them for distributing the publication on campus, so it was the first time I had ever been contacted in regards to allowing it to be.â??

As of now, there are no news publications circulating on Coastal Carolina Universityâ??s campus.

The Weekly Surge is available in more than 500 spots along the Grand Strand, and it is distributed at Horry Georgetown Technical Community College.