Wednesday flight cancellations at local airports

      The ice, sleet and snow is causing some cancellations at Myrtle Beach International Airport. Get a full list of canceled departures and arrivals below.

      Departures canceled out of Myrtle Beach International Airport:

      Spirit Flight 300 to Laguardia at 9:13am

      US Airways Flight 2869 to Charlotte at 9:25am

      Delta Flight 4488 to Atlanta at 10:39am

      U.S. Airways Flight 2800 to Charlotte 11:13am


      Arrivals canceled at Myrtle Beach International Airport:

      US Airways Flight 2719 from Charlotte at 8:38am

      Delta Flight 4888 from Atlanta at 10:14am

      US Airways Flights 2792 from Charlotte 10:41am

      All US Airways flights inbound and outbound are cancelled today from the Florence Regional Airport.

      Below are a list of flight cancellations:

      4161 â?? Florence SC to Charlotte NC â?? 9:49am departure time

      3983 â?? Florence SC to Charlotte NC â?? 12:53pm departure time

      4256 â?? Florence SC to Charlotte NC - 6:18pm departure time

      4175 â?? Florence SC to Charlotte NC â?? 8:43pm departure time

      4084 â?? Florence SC to Charlotte NC â?? January 30, 2014 â?? 5:50am departure time.

      The US Airways ticket counter at the Florence Regional Airport will close today at 2:00pm and will reopen at 7:00am on January 30, 2014

      Please contact US Airways at 1-800-428-4322 for rescheduling.