Wayne Gray holds on to city council seat, performing arts referendum passes

Incumbent Wayne Gray has held on to his city council seat after a tight race with challenger Jackie Vereen. Gray managed to defeat Vereen by less than 100 votes with 1,977 votes to 1,912.

Randal Wallace and Mike Lowder received enough votes to secure the other two vacant seats.

This comes after a delay Tuesday night due to a battery issue with a ballot counting box at the Coastal Lane One precinct.

The voting machine had to be sent to Conway for recharging.

"My staff works on overtime on election days for cities so we thought it best, being that we didn't know what the issue was and what extent it was going to be to correct it, we elected to have brought over," Sandy Martin with the Horry County Election Commission said when asked why the issue was not resolved that night.

Gray said it was tough having to wait nearly 15 hours after results were expected.

"I think you're obviously disappointed on the night when there's no finality when you're looking towards that finality," he explained.

But, his disappointment quickly faded when he learned that his seat was secured.

"I'm ready and excited about the new opportunity. I'm grateful, I'm thankful and I'm just looking forward to the next four years."

Voters in Myrtle Beach also approved raising property taxes to pay for the construction of a $10 million performing arts center.

The city declared incumbent John Rhodes the winner in the mayoral race with 68.14% of the vote with 16 of 17 precincts reporting.

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