Water rises another two inches along Waccamaw River Wednesday

Water levels along the Waccamaw River have risen nearly 2 inches since Monday and are expected to climb even higher by Friday and some homeowners along the river say they're getting ready to leave.

Flood stage near Lee's Landing is 11 feet and as of Wednesday morning, the Waccamaw River was 16 inches higher than that.

"If we do leave we will probably rent a condo or a hotel room and we'll have to stay as long as needed until we can get back in," said Chad Steppe, a homeowner in Lee's Landing.

Steppe explained water levels are just 8 inches from reaching his electric supply. "We have about 8 inches before it gets into that electric box and you can't risk a house fire or shock so you have to take it, have it cut off.

Horry County Fire Rescue comes by multiple times a day to monitor the rising water and to make sure they can still respond to flooded areas. The county's emergency managers say they're also monitoring flood levels, but Steppe said he's not taking any chances.

"Once we leave we won't come back until we know it's safe and we can drive in," he said.

National Weather Service forecasters are predicting a rise of another four inches to 12.8 feet by Friday. They added that if the river rises to 13 feet, flooding will occur along Highway 501 Business and Highway 905 to the east, which would impact another 20 homes.