Watching Bike Fest roll by from a golf cart

When you think of sightseeing in North Myrtle Beach, the ocean front is likely to be the top choice. But that's not the case for the Doug and Lucy Robbins.

They've parked their golf cart right off Highway 17 for a front row seat of the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bike Fest. Thousands of bikers are in town and many are on customized wheels.

"Well we came to get the mail, and it is a wonderful opportunity to watch the bikers. We're right across the street from the Harley Davidson shop," shared Lucy.

The couple sit and watch periodically throughout the day. They especially like dusk because some bikes light up.

"All the different colors and kinds," said Doug.

"No two are alike. It seems that they take pride, these bikers take pride in having something special and different and unique to their own personalities," added Lucy.

The Robbins say they're having fun watching others enjoy themselves. They've been on the sidelines during many Bike Fests, and they've even become the center of attention.

"They will wave at us. Sometimes, we've had our picture taken which is very unusual," said Lucy.

There is one drawback for them, the noise level when they're trying to sleep.

"Three o'clock in the morning is kind of rowdy," said Lucy with a laugh.

But the couple still sits, watches, and enjoys.