WARNING: beware of 'sliders' at gas stations

WARNING: beware of 'sliders' at gas stations

If you're like most women, your purse is sitting on the passenger seat of the car when you get out to pump your gas. But there, it is an open invitation to a thief known as a slider.

Sliders stealthily creep up to your passenger-side door, quietly open it, and slide the purse out. All this, while you're on the other side filling up your tank.

While we haven't heard of any reports of slider-type thefts in our area, it's something to be aware of whenever you stop at a gas station.

Many women in Myrtle Beach were surprised to learn that people are going to these extremes to steal.

"I couldn't even dream of someone sneaking into my car and crawling around to snoop for stuff while I'm pumping gas," said Kaila Rodrigues.

This crime also is an eye-opener for many women, because they told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that they tend not to keep a close watch on their purses when at the pump.

"I leave it on the seat. I just take my debit card out. So I wouldn't think that someone would try and get in. But I do leave my doors unlocked, so there would be a good opportunity for someone to try and take it," Rodrigues said.

However, there are some women who have heard about this problem through social media, so they have been taking extra precautions.

"I try to always to turn the car off and take my keys out and lock my doors when I get out," said Norah Hickman.

Purses aren't the only targets, so secure any valuables out of sight.

Here's a link to a recent story on sliders from ABC News.