Warmer weather dampening Christmas spirit for some

Some in downtown Myrtle Beach traded in jackets for shorts Friday afternoon. / Lisa Edge

Myrtle Beach, S.C. - Over the years, Christmas and cold weather have become synonymous. From the songs to characters that revolve around the holiday, many expect to be bundled up.

But for our area the sun is shining brightly. Some ventured out Friday with shorts on, no jackets, and open toe shoes.

"Well it feels like spring to me. In three months, it'll be springtime," says Mitch Hughlet.

By this time last year, the weather was very different. We had already experienced four nights with lows reaching into the teens, the average high was 48 which is 15 degrees lower, and after Christmas, parts of the area saw snow.

David Chaney is happy that hasn't happened yet. "I do not want a white Christmas. People want to throw a little confetti, that's fine, as long as they clean it up, but the winter weather, they can have it." He continued, "For me this is a plus. I mean I get to enjoy Christmas, and I get to be outside in short sleeves? This is the best of both worlds."

But for others, the holiday isn't quite the same without cooler weather. Melissa Smith spent Friday evening shopping with her son. She put on her Santa hat, a bell necklace and bell earrings. Smith says the accessories help her get into the holiday spirit. "It's gorgeous weather, but it just doesn't seem like Christmas. It's just a little too warm."

"I think Christmas, I think of snow, cold weather. We don't have that here. I guess that's why I live here," adds Hughlet.