Waccamaw river homeowners face more flooding

Homeowners at Lee's Landing face flooding

As a result of heavy rainfall, homeowners along the Waccamaw River are dealing with flooding. Forecasters predict it will get worse over the next couple days.

Ashly Chardukian has been living at Lee's Landing her whole life. She said this is the most flooding she's seen since Hurricane Floyd and is watching it get higher and higher everyday.

As of Sunday morning, the Waccamaw River was already more than nine inches higher than flood levels of 11 feet. Chardukian and her family are preparing for the worst.

"We just had to start planning on moving everything downstairs to a different location because otherwise everything will get ruined or get washed away," Chardukian explained.

As you drive on down Lee's Landing Circle you notice other homeowners are going through the same kind of flooding, or worse, including Tammy Korte's Dad's house.

Korte said so far the flooding hasn't caused any damage to her Dad's home but they're keeping a close eye on the forecast. "The water's going to be coming up for three more days they say, if we don't get any rain, if we get more rain, it'll keep on coming. "

So, just to be safe, Korte and her father are already starting to pack up. "He's got a little car so he doesn't have a truck to get in and out so I think he's going to come over to my house."

According to the National Weather Service water levels along the Waccamaw River will begin to fall in a few days. Until then, Chardukian hopes they don't have to use boats to get to and from their home, like they did years ago during Hurricane Floyd in the fall of 1999.

The Department of Natural Resources is also asking that people avoid boating along Waccamaw River while it is flooded if possible.They said the high water levels can conceal objects in the water and make for dangerous currents.